Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes of SC


Tribal Membership or membership applications are not distributed online, you will need to contact the Enrollment office for an application. Contact information is at the bottom.

Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of SC, aka “Cherokee Indian Tribe of South Carolina, Inc.-ECSIUT” is “State Recognized” under the SC Code Section 1-31-40 (A) (7)(10), Statutory Authority Chapter 139 (100-111). ECSIUT is a 501(c) (3) Tax-exempt Charitable tribal organization. ECSIUT is organized to preserve, present, protect and document Cherokee history and other Native American Indian tribe’s cultures and individuals, material culture, arts, historic buildings and folkways in SC.

Checklist for affiliation with the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of SC aka Cherokee Indian Tribe of SC

Enrollment in the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois, & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc (Cherokee Indian Tribe of South Carolina, Inc.) Indians is governed by the Incorporating Charter in South Carolina dated June 27, 1997 and restricts enrollment to the following:

Direct lineal ancestor with Documentation of Native American (Ethnic) status of classification in historic documents (Note: ancestor documented and included on The Baker Roll is the base roll of the Eastern Cherokees and is a valid documentation)

Other Cherokee Rolls from East coast Native communities that are acceptable. Other documentation that is also acceptable:death certificates, marriage licenses, census records, church records, court records, birth certificates, voters’ registrations, and other state or county records.

Before you apply be sure you are direct descendant of a Native American Indian of Cherokee ancestry or multi-tribal ancestry is acceptable:

  • The Application for Enrollment is completed.
  • The Ancestry Chart & Genealogy provided is completed.
  • Provide any other supporting documents.
  • If applicant is under 18 years old both parents must sign.
  • Original long form birth certificate is included. (copy)
  • A copy of the Social Security card is included.
  • An original of the Parternity Affidavit is included (if needed).
  • Statement from official of the other Indian tribe (if applicable) stating the individual is not enrolled with them is included.

Please mail to the following address:

Tribal Enrollment Office
Post Office Box 7062
Columbia SC 29202