James Allen

James “Strong-Oak” Allen is an enrolled member of the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes and sits on the tribal board. James is responsible for technology and security functions for the tribe and he assists in any other way the tribe needs. He is of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Tuscarora and Catawba as well as Scottish and German descent. James is a graduate of American Military University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies with a minor in Terrorism, where he was involved in the Golden Key and Phi Beta Kappa honor fraternities. He has a background in linguistics, intelligence, investigations, counter human trafficking, nuclear/government force protection, search and rescue and first responding. He is currently a deputy sheriff in South Carolina. James is an avid amateur historian who is most interested in 18th Century Native American history and he is a Native American reenactor of that period. James is also an artist and craftsman that enjoys creating traditional and modern items reflecting Southeastern Woodlands Native American culture. Items James makes include knives, arrows and darts (both with self forged steel points and bone or stone paleo points), bows, atlatl launchers, muskets and homemade gun powder, clothing and traditional pucker toe moccasins, as well as jewelry and other cultural adornments.