Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes of SC

Advocacy and Human Rights

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  • Native American Awareness Day

    Our S.C. Bill Made it!

    ECSUIT initiated November 18 as Native American Awareness Day in South Carolina …read more.
  • American Indian Movement

    American Indian Movement

    ECSIUT supports the efforts of AIM and many of the ECSIUT members are active …read more.
  • Mascots


    Information about the ongoing fight against disrespectful Native American mascots …read more.
  • NAGPRA - Repatriation Project

    NAGPRA – Repatriation Project

    NATHPO comments on proposed NAGPRA regulations rulemaking…read more.
  • ECSIUT Meets With Governor

    ECSIUT Meets With Governor

    ECSIUT leaders meet with Governor Haley to announce Interfaith month for January …read more.
  • Idle No More

    Idle No More – SC

    “Idle No More” the grassroots aboriginal movement came to South Carolina on January 5th …read more.
  • ECSIUT at Smithsonian Museum

    ECSIUT at Smithsonian Museum

    Meeting at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. regarding racism in sports mascots…read more.
  • Two Spirits Project

    Two Spirits Project – ECSIUT

    ECSIUT TWO SPIRITS Project works in violence reduction programs, safe schools …read more.