Chief Lamar Nelson gives Presentation to the 30th CMA Annual Gala.

Chief Lamar Nelson attended the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs to attend their 30th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, June 29, 2023, at the Columbia Convention Center. As you may know, Chief Nelson is is an accomplished archaeologist and supervises some very important archaeological sites throughout South Carolina. Chief Nelson is recognized throughout academia and by the SC state government as an authority on Native American history and archaeology. Chief Nelson is also a very skilled craftsman of reproductions of historical Native American items. The Chief layed out a massive collection of rare artifacts and reproductions, discussed the lives of Indigenous Americans during the Paleo, Archaic, Mississippian and Woodlands periods. He lectured on the importance of European contact and the effects that it had on Native Americans. Chief Nelson also discussed our lives and survival today. One thing is certain – we were here and we still are here and we shall remain!  We are honored to have been given this opportunity by the CMA and we thank them! Wado!

Chief Nelson discusses artifacts with attendees.

Chief Nelson demonstrates the atlatl dart and launcher.


Archaeologist Jon Leader congratulates Chief Nelson of his impressive display.

Chief Bill Harris of the Catawba Nation gives his speech.

Our display was very popular!

Illustrations full of educational detail!

Chief Nelson was also well armed.